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Salem State University Library’s first student tour

Friday, 13 September 2013

Salem State's Admissions AmbassadorsIn August, Salem State’s Berry Library staff gave their student Admissions Ambassadors a tour of the new building. This is what they had to say:

The new library on Salem State campus is more of a head-turner than most might expect from an institution that harbors books and is used for studying. The admissions ambassadors group was brought on a special tour during our training; the excitement was shared throughout the group. Everything from the view to the seating and study rooms were nothing less than amazing. Unlike the temporary library on central campus, the new library has plenty of seating and pop-up outlets at most tables in case your electronics decide to run low on battery. Believe it or not, the outlets and seating were the features that had us running around in a frenzy wanting to try them all.

We all know that late study sessions are difficult to get through but they must be done. The hours of the new library have made these sessions even more possible. As will the cafe on the first floor; we all know coffee is what keeps a large amount of college kids going. The cafe is sure to be one of the new hang out spots and a contributor to higher GPAs. “It’s a nerd’s heaven” is what the ambassadors kept repeating throughout the tour and I think many would agree. The start of the semester should be exciting as we are sure everybody is anxious to use the new facility.

The outside of the library is as wonderful as the inside. The cool tree-like patterns on the window are not only decorative, but useful. They serve as curtains without being fabric, which would obstruct the view. The amount of light is cut when going through these windows. This will provide the necessary darkness for those who don’t like the sun and the proper light for others. This library will definitely be a new fun hangout for everyone in campus.

- The Admissions Ambassadors provide a student’s-eye perspective of Salem State for visitors and prospective students.

Thanks to our friends at Salem State for letting us re-post this story from their website.

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