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The networked community (college): connected learning in a digital age

SCUP 50 - Soc of College &University Planning conference, Chicago

Christina D. Long, Shepley Bulfinch
Timothy Cook, Saxifrage School
Mary Lee Kennedy, New York Public Library

SCUP 50The networked community (college) is an emergent campus type driven by a desire for economically accessible, community-focused learning in a digital age.

In this session, Christina, Tim and Mary Lee explore manifestations of the networked community (college); the technological, economical, and pedagogical forces that have given rise to the networked community (college); and strategies for institutions to place themselves in an individual’s lifelong learning path.

Christina addresses architectural and planning implications for a traditional campus-bound institution when it becomes a networked community (college); and Mary Lee and Tim will offer examples from New York Public ...[more]

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