Robert Peirce, AIA


Creating a new space—making a new ‘place’ in this world—is enormously energizing and satisfying. As an architect, I will have the opportunity many times over. And each time, I will remain keenly aware that it is a privilege as well as a responsibility.

I once told a client, as we looked forward to the enormous resources of both time and money to be invested in a project, that it would be fun. Three years later, when the project opened on time, in budget, and to enthusiastic greetings from its community, he publicly affirmed that “it” had—for the most part—been fun.

Built space is a tool. The environments we shape together will, in turn, shape all who pass through them. An essential part of my role is to assemble and guide; for a process that brings together the many curious, anxious, hopeful, and eager voices to be heard. It means making sure that each member of the broader team finds a chance to imprint the effort even in small ways. Architecture has a central role in providing form to a vision, but it is the life that comes to the place that makes it successful and enduring.